Fire Pits That Inspire And Are Built To Last

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As soon as we found the Solus Hemi firebowl online, we threw all other researched options out of the window. This entailed some adjustment to our budget, but has been totally worth it: we could tell the quality of the workmanship as soon as the bowl arrived, and since installation we have had so many compliments. We chose to have it connected to an underground propane tank and timer, so that we can have flames at the flick of a switch. Our guests love to sit out by the bowl at night and look at the stars, and because the flames can be seen from the road it has totally transformed our ‘kerb appeal’ – it makes a real statement about our business. The extra investment is already paying off in increased attention, which is transforming into sales. We love our firebowl!

Clare & Richard Proctor, Briarcliff Motel@Monument Mountain, Great Barrington, MA

Solus Fire Pits

Our fire pits are made to withstand the test of time. Our burners are made of brass and are the best in the business complete with a five year warranty. For those of living near the sea, this is particularly important as the sea air has a way of rusting out metal burners. Mariner brass and aluminum fittings last the test of time – just like our concrete. As North Americans we know how to make use of our time outdoors as it is often limited. Keeping all this in mind, we have a vast number of fire pits that are on what we call quick ship delivery. No one really wants to wait 6 or 8 weeks for their fire pit to arrive. We build fire pits all year long and to that end have a great stock on hand to allow for our quick ship program. When you call we will confirm the color and burner configuration (and order of course)  we will ship the product out within 7 – 10 business days.

Creating Memories

Inspired fire knows no limits

When it comes to a gathering or family function there is nothing quite like a fire pit to inspire conversations and lasting memories. One of the most endearing comments we had was relayed back to us from a couple who had three teenagers who are typical of our modern day society. Smart phone and video game centric and rarely raising their head above their screens. According to the mom the fire pit is the one place that phones are not used (nor allowed) and apparently this is perfectly okay with the teenagers. Put the fire pit on and they gravitate to the flame. It is the primal cue that resides in all of us – but apparently more for teenagers. Much to the surprise of the parents, the kids talk to their parents. Can’t really top that with all of our testimonials and we have many. With over 5,500 installations across the globe we have more than a few stories that surround fire pits.

Fire Pits That Inspire And Are Built To Last