Contemporary Fire Pits

Solus fire pits are the ultimate in design and function. From architecturally elegant fire bowls that allow for a spontaneous large gatherings to the more designed sculptural halo series, these fire pits will not fail to impress.

Our products were developed to make outdoor living in the harsh Canadian winters pleasurable. We believe our products are beautiful, sophisticated and above all safe. Built and certified to CE, CSA and ANSI standards in Vancouver, Canada. We ship world wide.

Firepits for your Home, Garden & Family

Solus firepits add real value to your home. During the cold winter months they transform your garden from a unloved area into a place to gather and entertain. Children love our Firepits – they’re fun, practical & safe.

Fire pits for commercial and retail spaces

Firepits for Commercial & Retail Spaces

Solus Fire pits are a must for adding value & turnover by creating outdoor spaces that can be used all year round. The world’s leading hotels and hundreds of commercial & retail clients across the world use our fire pits.

Firepits and fire tables for architectural new builds

Firepits for Architects, Builders & Designers

Solus Fire Pits are  favoured by interior and landscape designers due to the large selection of colours and styles made from Solus inimitable concrete.  Solus fire pits will be sure to make sure your project stands out from the crowd.

Solus Fire Pits

Solus fire pits are the ultimate in design and function

From architecturally elegant fire bowls that allow for spontaneous large gatherings to the more designed sculptural halo series, these fire pits will not fail to impress. Rectangular and square fire pits such as the cube, fire box and fire table are always pleasing.

A variety of fuel possibilities including:  bio fuel, liquid propane and natural gas. The ignition system is either MLS manual lit system or electronic adjustable auto ( for most models ). All our products are available in 10 different colours with the option to customise with wooden table tops, all weather covers, glass shields and firestones making it truly adaptable to any space and environment.


Dozens of aesthetically pleasing ways to add functionality your fire pit..

When you are looking at additional ways in which to customise your fire pit this is very much about lifestyle and how you see the firepit being used; an occasional piece for special occasions or a key part of your outdoor living to make your outdoor space an inviting area year round.

We are an innovative company and we are always keen to listen to clients and designers to create new and inventive ways in which our products can be adapted. Always at the heart of our business is quality control and continuous improvement is part of our DNA and what sets us apart from others.

Solus hemi with drink ring firepit

Fire pit rings

Solus firestones for firepits

Concrete Fire Stones

Solus tank table in nori colour

Propane Tank Tables

Solus hemi firepit all weather cover

All Weather Covers 

Solus hardwood firepit cover for firebox firepit

Hardwood Table Tops

glass shields on firebowls

Glass Shields

Firepits In the News

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