About Solus Decor

Since 1997, Solus Decor has been designing and casting in concrete at our facility in Vancouver, Canada.

Made in Canada, sold world-wide

Solus concrete fire pits, gas fire tables and fire pit accessories are sold throughout North America and shipped to many far reaching places around the globe. Solus fire pits are spectacular contemporary vessels, hand cast in high performance concrete. Each one is hand finished to meet exacting standards of form and function. They are not only beautiful to look at but can withstand the elements and weather gracefully.

Solus were recommended to us for the best open fire pits. Though expensive, they certainly are and we totally love it. The finish on the concrete is like looking at an Apple product… fine finish, exacting tolerances and well made. The packing was perfect to preserve the integrity of the product.

Chris from Vancouver

Customer focussed design philosphy

At the heart of Solus’ design philosophy is the customer. Solus is constantly reviewing customer feedback from home owners, designers, landscape architects, associate dealers and commercial establishments.  Customer suggestions about how to modify or improve Solus gas fire pits and accessories are taken to heart – then to the drawing board, R & D and often right through to production.

Solus Decor staff person making firepit in Vancouver Canada factory
Solus Decor manufacture contemporary concrete FirePits

Infinitely customisable products

All of Solus Fire Pit products are available in 10 designer colors. The most popular ones being Cinder (a cool, deep charcoal ), Shiitake (a warm, earth tone shade), Halva, (a light cream, or warm off-white tone) and Linen (a chameleon like shade, cool like a milky coffee in daylight, warm and almost caramel like in evening or incandescent light).

Eco friendly materials

Solus’ concrete is a high-performance blend of cement, aggregate, color, and recycled fly ash. They are eco-friendly and design-friendly. Our concrete contains zero toxic substances and does not cause air pollution – especially when used in heated applications such as fire pits.