A look at warranties in the fire pit market

Synthetic stones for the solus fire cube fire pit

A look at warranties in the fire pit market

Why and how is it we can offer 25 – 50 times the warranty on manual burners than that of our competitors ?

Firstly our entire line of firepits are certified to CSA, ANSI and CE standards in 30 countries – NOT just the burner but the entire unit.

We source the very best components in the marketplace, redesign them to suit our concrete and test each individual piece that is inserted into the firepit. Nothing is left to chance.

When we started in the firepit business some ten years ago doing exactly what most firepits manufacturers do today.  We bought an off the shelf burner and placed it into our concrete vessels.  With varying degrees of success.  The efficiency of the burner and the burner components left a lot to be desired.   Some of the burners lasted just two years in the field – some electronic units didn’t make it past the first three months in the field. The only thing we were confident in was our own Solus concrete.

So over the years we tried more burners in the quest to find better and more robust burners which could withstand the Canadian climate  and not rust out after a year or two in the field.  This led us to brass and a cross fired ignition system.

Firepit warranty comparison
Hemi Fire bowl fire pit cinder colour

Once we set upon the certification process for CSA, ANSI and CE we elected to control every component and input.  This required a lot of research and development and plenty of testing.  This also led us to testing our Solus concrete vessels and tables and the results are as follows:

Why?  How did we arrive at this?

We have ten years of firepits in the field and our failure rate is extremely low with thousands of pits in all sorts of weather extremes you can imagine.

To test the performance and measure the performance of our concrete it has been tested to ATSM standards by an independent lab.  The most important test for us is the compressive strength of concrete.  This allows us to create extremely dense concrete with extreme strength – and achieve our inimitable Solus finish –  extremely elegant concrete – the higher the strength the finer the finish and the less thick or “chunky” it needs to be. This takes out weight but it also takes out the volcanic prehistoric look of brutalist concrete.  Concrete doesn’t have to look like it came from the stone age.

Halo Elevated 48 firepit by solus decor

In addition to this because we control and have tested the interaction of our concrete with the burner we have made allowances for the expansion and contraction issues of concrete and the metal inserts.  In the beginning we could never control the flame and output of the burners or how the heat was displaced in and around the unit.  We build the burners to suit our concrete – they are done in unison.

Finally we are audited three times a year by the certification bodies for CSA, ANSI and CE and work with the independent engineers to constantly improve our products.

Firepit stone and lava toppings
Hemi 26 Firepit
  • Built to withstand the tests of time
  • Built for longevity
  • Built for maximum enjoyment


In the past three years and with over 1200 units in the field we have replaced only 30.  This is a rate of 0.025 %