DIY or buy a fire pit?

DIY firepit example

One of the first questions to arise when planning for a fire pit is:

“ Should we design and build our own or purchase a turn-key model ? ”

People often think they can save money by building their own firepit, but soon discover the value of the years of experience and research that goes into the creation of a manufactured fire pit.

Building your own fire pit requires that many things be considered:

  • Who will do the design and how will the finished product look?
  • Will the materials crack or spall when exposed to the heat of the burner flame?
  • How much will it cost to create from concept to finished, burning fire pit?
  • What type of permits are required in your area to build a gas appliance?
  • Can you get the finished fire pit certified for insurance purposes?
  • How many BTUs will your burner generate and will the fire create enough warmth (or too much?)
  • What will you do if parts fail or if it stops working?
  • Will it be safe?
  • How easy will it be to operate and maintain?
  • What will you do if you need to move it to another location?

Advantages of buying a firepit vs building one

For permit, certification and design purposes turn-key models provide many advantages. When you purchase a self contained fire pit made by a reputable company all of these questions have been considered and addressed. You should receive a fully certified unit made from high quality, tested components that has a warranty* on parts and performance: It should be a well designed piece of furniture that has been made with care and enhances your environment.

Turn-key firepit models require:

  • A bit of lifting and moving labour to uncrate and put them into place.
  • A certified gas fitter to connect any gas lines (ethanol and propane tank fed systems do not require a gas fitter).
  • An electrician to run electrical connections if you have purchased an electronic start model.

Essentially you just unpack them, place them, connect them, turn them on and enjoy. If you need to move them it’s a simple matter of disconnecting gas (and electronics for auto start models). Purchasing a turn-key fire pit you will have the confidence that it has been tested for safety and function as a gas burning appliance and that it is warrantied in case anything goes awry. You will also know what the finished product will look like and benefit from years of research and design consideration.

Have a look at our line of certified firepits, with the best warranty in the business, and contact us to discuss your requirements.