FAQs When specifying a fire pit

Hemi Fire bowl fire pit linen colour

FAQs When specifying a fire pit

Solus Fire Pits – High Quality,  Value and the best Warranty in the Business

Sometimes we get asked, why is your product more expensive relative to some others? Expensive is a relative term but as they say “you get what you pay for”.  What do we do and is it any different than anyone else ?  You be the judge. Here is what happens behind the scenes.

Certified firepits for North America and Europe

Certification is painful, expensive, time consuming, laborious and requires deep technical expertise.  The Solus plant undergoes regular unannounced audits by the certification lab to verify what we are doing and our testing procedures and paper trails are in order.  Each and every fire pit we make must be burn tested and checked for ignition, leaks and performance. Solus firepits are fully certified in North America and Europe

Brass burners and the best firepit warranty in the business

We use brass burners – not anodized  pan metal burners so we can give you a 25 year warranty (with the purchase of an all weather cover) on the burners. Best warranty in the business

We handle our own customer and technical support calls

We design, fabricate and continuously improve our designs based on constant direct customer feedback.  As we handle our own customer and technical service calls, direct feedback is the most important thing we do.

Made in North America by Hand

Our Solus pits are finished by hand which creates the inimitable Solus fire pit each and every time – they are not mass produced by robots or overseas low cost labour factories.

Ten firepit colours

We offer ten different colors with no difference in price

Solus Decor fire pit at Hotel Le Toiny

Firepits you can use on wooden decks

Our brass “top side” burners means that our fire is projected up and out (therefore efficient) and does not lose heat out of the bottom. It is why you can use our fire pits on wood decks – many burners and metal fire pits cannot be used on a wooden deck due to heat being directed into the bottom.  The amount of BTUs is only relevant if it burns at close to 100 % efficiency. We design our own burners to maximize heat to provide maximum customer experience.

Environmental sustainability

Solus has incorporated a recycled fly ash into its mix designs and has an active recycling and sustainability program with 75% of our byproducts recycled.

Well-Packed in Museum Quality Crates

Solus products leaving Vancouver are packed in museum quality crates and our ship rate has a 99.3% success rate. Our products are so well packed we have many testimonials raving about not just the product but the manner in which they are shipped.

Short of time?

Depending on stock levels and customer urgency we can ship within 1-6 weeks depending on project necessity.

Solus Firepits for Commercial Projects

Solus provides quality commercial grade firepits for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other commercial locations. Our firepits have the best warranty in the business and outstanding in-house customer service. We ship in museum quality containers almost anywhere in the world. We have CAD drawings for all of our designs and regularly assist architects, designers and developers in specifying a Solus firepit for  commercial projects.  Contact us to discuss your project.

Well-fitting hardwood tops

We offer hardwood table tops for our Hemi 26″ and 36″ bowls and our Firebox 30″. We design for both form and function.

Electronic ignition with adjustable flame height

Electronic versions offer adjustable flame height regulation– a unique Solus feature

Bio fuel firepit and propane firepit options

We offer bio fuel ( ethanol ) and a propane tank table for unusual plumbing situations.

Firepits Built for Canadian Climates

We build our products for tough Canadian climates and have thousands of fire pits in the field – Built tough with elegant designs for people who appreciate quality and durability.

Beautiful, well-designed firepit options and accessories

Options including hardwood table tops, drinks rings, covers that fit, adjustable electronics all designed and made by Solus – we know our products.

firepit accessories fuel burner options

Heat-safe firestone for firepits that mimics river stone

Firestone – made to mimic riverstone – specifically made for Solus and is included in your purchase – Safety plays a large part in our philosophy. Our firestone is a lot safer to use than actual riverstone. As an option we can sell additional firestone for that rock effect.

We Support Our Own Products Ourselves

We represent ourselves – if you do have an issue in the field you call us – not a foreign call centre or clueless retailer who has no idea what they have sold you.

Solus refractory firestones for firepits, firetables and firebowls

Read our glowing testimonials

Our testimonials speak for themselves – we have reviews on Houzz, trust pilot and many reference our price being worth it.Take a look!

“As a designer I frequently get asked for fire bowls/pits within landscapes. I find the Solus products to be beautiful, functional and of superb quality.”


“The solid brass burners will last unlike the cheaper thin stainless burners found on other fire pits”


“Of all the fire pits I looked at, this is the best designed, sleekest and most beautiful. I love it!”

Solus Hemi firepit lit on patio

Is the fire pit Certified as an Appliance and why should you care ?

It means that the burner inserted into the vessels or enclosure is also certified to CSA/ANSI standards and tested as such ( and CE in Europe ) .

Most fire pit companies buy an off the shelf burner simply insert a “certified UL or CSA” burner into their vessel which means the two have not been tested in relation to each other.  This is changing due to regulatory and insurance changes in the field.  Many states and provinces are introducing new code for fully certified fire pits as appliances.  The proliferation of fire pits in big box retailers and on line has spawned a wave of regulatory and insurance changes and therefore the code and compliance of fire and fire pits in residential and commercial settings.

What is happening the world of fire pits that matters to you ? 

In many jurisdictions the gas fitter or inspector has rejected burners that have been set into uncertified vessels or enclosures built on site.  The gas fitter or inspector must sign off on the installation and will require the appliance to be certified not just the burner.  States and provinces where we know this to be on the radar as of 2015 based on Solus fire pit inspections include:  New York, Massachusetts, California, Minnesota, Washington, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. It is our anticipation that many other jurisdictions across North America will follow suit and reject non certified fire pits in the coming year.