Elevated Halo Firepit


Halo – Sculpted sensuality

Crisp outer edges curve smoothly into a round fire opening to give a modern sculptural feel. The Halo shows off the striking and subtle qualities of our concrete. The flickering flames re- flect off its polished surface, inviting people to gather around.

The Elevated Halo rests on a square base, raising it to table height for extra functionality when used in conjunction with standard seating.

The regular Halo Low firepit has a low profile with its deep recessed base creating a hovering effect. A chic and contemporary option.

Elevated Halo

Solus halo 36 elevated firepit

Elevated Halo 36

A coffee table height version of the The Halo 36 design.  With enough room to place a drink or canapé right onto the fire table, while enjoying its serene and peaceful flame.

Solus halo elevated 48 firepit

Elevated Halo 48

Designed to capture and interpret the essence of a traditional campfire, the Halo 48” gas Fire Pit is the big brother to the 36. The table surface at 4 square feet allows one lots of leg room!