Firepits for Commercial & Retail Spaces

solus firepit for commercial spaces and retail spaces

Fire pits extend the time your customers spend in your establishment

Solus firepits can help boost your business profitability.

Hotels, restaurants, pubs and other commercial and retail venues love Solus Firepits. They bring a focal point to any outdoor retail space and turns often uninteresting outdoor spaces into a focal point that attract customers.

Our customers keep buying and using Solus firepits because they know it turns under-utilised spaces into places where people want to go, it’s simple more people = more potential profit.  In practise we have found that firepits greatly add to the bottom line of our commercial business clients who deal with the general public.

firepits for property developers
Solus firepits for hotels

Firepits for Hotels

You will find Solus firepits in hundreds of hotels across the USA, Canada and Europe. Some of the biggest names in the hotel industry use our firepit products including Fairmont, Marriott, Loews and Swissotel plus many, many more. Why these big brand hotels choose to use Solus Firepits is simple; outstanding quality and firepits attract customers and add that Wow factor that keeps them coming back for more.

A Solus firepit adds focal points of interest that hotel customers love to gather around. They’ll enjoy sitting around the real flame at night, sipping on a glass of wine while waiting for their meal to arrive.

Solus firepits are ideal for hotels because they are engineered to be safe – they are certified to all North American and European regulations. Contact us for more information about the best firepit solution to add value to your Hotel.

Firepits for Restaurants

 Solus firepits are the perfect solution for restaurants who want to turn their outdoor dining areas into useable spaces during chilly evenings & cold winter nights.

Its easy to install one of our many unique and stylish firepits into any outdoor or indoor space. You will find your customers love it and often prefer to sit and eat outside admiring the warm glow of the flickering flame than being inside! Often our firepits are combined with outdoor heaters – these provide heat from above, and our firepits provide heat from below warming feet and keeping your guests in perfect comfort.

We believe adding a firepit to your restaurant is one of the smartest things you can do to get a huge ROI.

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firepits for pubs

Firepits for Pubs

There is nothing finer than enjoying a pint in a pub’s beer garden. Solus HQ is based in the UK so we appreciate this finer aspects of this great British institution. As anyone who lives in Britain will testify the summer months are all too brief, before you know it the drab, grey winter months arrive and all but the bravest pub clientele go outside.  As a publican you are aware that this represents a wasted opportunity – the more people you can get into you pub, the more business you can generate.

Sure there are outdoor heaters, but they tend to be very utilitarian and uninspiring. New to the UK is a product that has made waves across the North American continent – the Solus firepit. These beautiful objects are designed to be a place for people to gather around. They are safe for use in public areas, and conform to all UK and European regulations. But most importantly of all they will make your clients happy by creating a beautiful space, this means they will stay longer.

Solus firepits – Built for the demands of modern establishment

With Solus firepits you can relax! Our firepits are certified to the highest standards in North America, the UK and Europe.

Most commercial locations order electronic start with an adjustable flame regulation which doubles up as an emergency shut valve. This is unique to Solus fire pits as most electronic burners are on or off and have no adjustable flame regulation. They then require an additional emergency shut off valve. Solus has both and it is all in the appliance. For your customers the ability to adjust the heat output and flame height adds to their comfort and safety.

The ignition can be a wall switch, timer or even hooked into a smart controller ( ipad or iphone). Solus fire pits can sit on any surface including wood, grass, stone or any plastic composite decking. All pits are not as they appear and are not created equally. Solus – built to last, built to impress and built with your needs of your customers considered.

fire pits for hotels and retail spaces
Solus fire pit

A unique style for every establishment

Our firepits come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs. They are flexible and stylish enough to fit into any outdoor space. We have the capability of delivering 1, 10 or 100 firepits to your resort, pub or restaurant chain. Consult with us to find the perfect solution for your requirements.

The Solus Advantage

Solus firepits are unique – not only well designed but beautiful off and on. We have and continue to invest a huge amount of time, energy and money and it is reflected in our firepits. We build product to last and “to stand the test of time”. Our products are designed and engineered for reliability, safety and affordability and to withstand in the harshest Canadian winter conditions.

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“ Putting a firepit in takes up valuable space where a table could go. But it brings warmth and invites customers to spend more time. Everything Solus does is beautiful and nothing is ugly. From a design perspective it looks great and because it is made of concrete it will withstand the test of time. Solus is a clear winner”

Andrew Latchford, COO, Cactus Club Restaurants

Firepits for retail and commercial spaces

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