Firepits for your home & garden

Solus firepits for home owners and domestic gardens

Solus firepits add style, flair & ambiance to every garden

Solus Fire Pits redefines family outdoor entertainment. Our customers find themselves gathering and relaxing around the warm glow of the firepit in evenings and at weekends.

Our clients also tell us that it becomes a ‘conversation pit‘ where even teenagers engage in relaxed conversation – who needs a mobile phone or an iPad when you can bask in warmth and gaze into a mesmerising flickering flame?

Advantages of a firepit over a traditional outdoor fire:

  • No eye watering smoke
  • You don’t have to struggle to set fire to wet wood
  • Your clothes won’t smell like a bonfire
  • There is no ash to clean up and dispose
Solus hemi firepit lit on patio

Firepits Banish the Winter Blues

Solus firepits are a great gathering point on a beautiful summers evening, but they can also be used all year round. When winter approaches most families retreat to the inside of the house; the garden becomes a wasted space until the spring… It doesn’t have to be this way!

Solus Firepits create warmth and light that turns a garden or deck no-go-area into a usable space again. Relax and enjoy a moonlit glass of wine under a clear winter sky. You’ll soon wonder how you lived without a firepit for so long! 

Firepits are great for outdoor entertainment

A Solus firepit is perfect for parties & entertaining. Your friends will naturally gather around the beautiful, safe and luxurious firepit –  it just happens naturally. 

With a firepit you can easily turn a part of your garden into a focal point; an area where conversations come easily and freely.  We suspect outdoor fires are ingrained into the human psyche after thousands of years of sitting around outdoor fires – find out yourself with a Solus Firepit.

Solus hemi firepit with family

A style of firepit for every home

Solus has a range of firepits to suit any size home and garden. They are designed to be flexible and stylish enough to fit into any outdoor space.

Solus firepits come in a range of shapes: 

From the geometrically pure hemispherical hemi, to the sublime square halo range or the table sized firetable.

Solus firepits come in a range of sizes: 

Our largest firepit, the Hemi 48 is impressive enough for a formal stately house lawn; and our smallest, the firecube is the perfect addition to a bijou patio garden. And our No. 1 best seller is the ever popular and flexible mid-sized hemi 36.

Solus Firepits are Certified and Built for Safety

Every parent is concerned about safety around flames, and rightly so. With Solus firepits you can relax! Our firepits are certified to the highest standards in North America, the UK and Europe. This means that the entire fire bowl or fire table has been tested as an entire appliance – not just the burner.  A simple skeleton key operates and regulates the pit, therefore in the absence of key the fire pit cannot be lit. NOTE: As with all fire pits children need to be supervised when in the presence of an open flame.

How the burner works in conjunction with the material surrounding it is equally important to its safety. Solus firepits can sit on any garden surface including wood, grass, stone or any plastic composite decking. Many firepits & burners from our competitors are unable to do this.

Hemi 26 Firepit

Firepit Colours + Accessories

Our products are available in a range of beautiful colours to match any decor. The colour is embedded in the concrete itself and is matched with the best warranty in the business.


Each one of our products comes with a range of well conceived and thought out accessories. These include:

  • Custom designed all weather covers for each firepit
  • Custom designed hardwood tops for hemi 26, 36 and firebox 30
  • Custom designed all metal drink rings and tables for hemi and halo series
  • Manual and electronic adjustable auto ignitions
  • Glass shields available for most units
  • Extended warranties with the purchase of the cover – 25 years for brass burners, 3 years for all electronic components

Solus Firepits Engineered for Reliability, Safety and Value

Solus products are unique, we have invested a huge amount of time, energy,effort and money to ensure our firepits are ahead of the competition.  Innovation is built into our DNA.

Our  products are designed and engineered for reliability, safety and affordability and built to withstand the harshest Canadian winter conditions. Built tough and built right.

Solus staff person making a firepit

” Our firebowl arrived on time, in the most incredible packaging, without a scratch, and it looks fantastic in our yard and works great – exactly what we wanted! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Solus “

Wendy Dupree, Edmonton, Canada

Solus hemi firebowl fire pit on plinth

Get your Firepit now

Solus firepits we believe represent one of the best investments you can make to your home, at a price that we believe to be unbeatable. For more information call one of our sales representatives or use the Contact Form.

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