Solus Decor Contemporary Firepits

Our architecturally elegant Hemi series, sculptural Halo series and brand new Luna fire bowl allow for spontaneous gatherings around the fire that will not fail to impress. The classic Fire Table and Tavolo fire table take both form and function into account with a spacious surface for food and drink. If you’re looking for a square firepit, the Fire cube and Fire box and will fit perfectly into any space.

Hemi – refined sculptural presence

The Hemi, is available in three sizes (26, 36 and 48 inches) to suit all environments. These rounded firepits add warmth, atmosphere and sculptural beauty to any outdoor space.

Our cross-jet burners provide ample flame and heat and are built to last a lifetime. Three fuel types with manual or adjustable electronic start options allow these firepits to be used in all outdoor situations, both residential and commercial.

Hemi 26 firepit firebowl

Fire bowl: Hemi 26

The Solus Hemi 26 fire bowl is ideal for smaller spaces that still want a large and adjustable heat output. It’s also perfect for having two or more firepits in one space.

Hemi 36 firepit firebowl

Fire bowl: Hemi 36

The Solus Hemi 36 fire bowl is the flagship of our fire pit line. A stunning focal point to any outdoor space, this firepit is both substantial and reserved in design.

Hemi 48 firepit firebowl

Fire bowl: Hemi 48

The Solus Hemi 48 fire bowl is a substantial, sophisticated and elegant fire feature. It is one of the world’s largest, pre-cast, ultra high-performance concrete firepits.

Elevated Halo – sculpted sensuality

The Halo rests on a square base, raising it to table height for extra functionality when used in conjunction with standard seating. Its crisp outer edges curve smoothly into a round fire opening.

Flickering flames reflect off the Halo’s polished surface and invites people to gather round. The striking and subtle qualities of our concrete give a modern and sleek feel that integrates a space perfectly.

Elevated Halo 36 firepit

Elevated Halo 36

Designed to capture and interpret the essence of a traditional campfire, the Halo 36” firepit has come to embodies what a beautiful, contemporary gas firepit can be.

Elevated Halo 48 firepit

Elevated Halo 48

Designed to capture and interpret the essence of a traditional campfire, the Halo 48” firepit is the big brother to the 36. The table’s surface reaches 4 square feet allowing one lots of leg room!

Luna – continuous elegance

The undulations of its form are oval and more substantive than our Hemi fire bowl series.  With a larger and more substantial base to the bowl, the Luna spans 42 inches (or 1050 mm) making it ideal for a party of 6 or 8 to gather round.  Additionally, its elegant form can accommodate an optional all metal table and drinks ring.  The Luna’s heat and flame are adjustable with a significant output of 31 kW or 108,000 btus. This is available in either manual or adjustable electronic ignition.

Luna firepit firebowl

Tavolo – modern entertaining

Tavolo firepit firetable

The Tavolo is our newest fire table, referencing our love of all things Italian.  The genesis for this table comes from our designers and clients who wished for a firepit with a larger table surface.  Over time we have developed many table top options for our round and square firepits but this one is just a little bit different.

Fire Table – Clean lined tradition

Feast around the fire seated at one of our linear concrete fire tables. The simple, smooth concrete top sections have a curved inner edge that slopes gently towards the rectangular fire opening.

The clean lines and straightforward design of these fire tables makes them at home in a variety of environments, from modern to rustic or traditional. We also apply a protective coating to help resist stains and provide a soft sheen to reflect the flickering flames.

Firetable firepit

Fire Box & Linear firepit – Square minimalism

firebox firepit

The Fire Box is a simple, adaptable firepit with minimal detailing and a clean, structured presence. Its uncomplicated aesthetic allows the thin, smooth concrete walls to emphasise the contents within. Fill the Fire Box with a full set of fire stones to give an elegant look and add a hardwood tabletop to extend functionality.

Linear firepit

The Linear firepit was conceived as a modular unit that comes in single-stack and double-stack heights and can be joined end to end. This allows you to define patio areas in an architecturally dramatic and functional way. Valuable seating space can be maximised as they are narrower than other models. Moreover, these firepits are easy to assemble but they do require anchoring down to prevent tipping. Suitable for backyards or commercial spaces.