Firepit Accessories

There are many permutations and combinations of Solus firepits one can create. Your preferences depend on more than just your budget, as the functionality of your fire pit is key. Is it for occasional use? Or might you use your outdoor space more if it were accessible and inviting? Most of our products come from client and designer interaction with Solus products and continuous improvement from our design team.

Metal Tabletop with Fire Ring

These metal ring tops are designed to fit a Hemi 36″, 48″ and Luna firepits, with a simple disk table top (without the ring) for the Hemi 26″. The centre removes so the firepit can be lit, leaving a ring table (in the larger sizes) that can be used for drinks. They are constructed out of noncorrosive aluminium and stainless steel.
Solus Hemi firepit metal drinks ring
Firepit hardwood table top

Hardwood Table Tops

Adding a hardwood top to your fire pit adds to its visual appeal and extends it functionality, allowing it to be used as a full surface table when a fire is not appropriate and more space is required. Designed by Solus as refined updates of the classic picnic table, these tops feature simple, clean detailing that focuses on the beauty of the wood itself. Space between each plank keeps water and organic material from collecting below, while also providing visual interest. Each of our wooden tops is built by hand to last.


The fire pit covers we build are from Sunbrella marine grade material. Our climate on the West Coast of Canada is considered part of the Pacific Basin rainforest. We get wet a lot! The main effect it was having was on the burner and particularly the electronic units whose interaction with the wet weather wasn’t exactly positive. Not to mention the bird droppings, leaves and even birds who kept stealing the stones from our customer’s fire pits! That is why we have a custom made fire pit cover for all of our Solus fire pits.

Solus Hemi firepit all-weather cover
Firepit glass wind shield

Glass shields

Glass shields are a great consideration for places receiving high amounts of wind such as high-rise rooftops and balconies or places in close proximity to beaches. Also, if code or client comfort require a little more protection, they can have these glass shields for safety without compromising aesthetics.


Our standard product for every fire pit is lava rock covered with a centering stone that appears to look like river rock. The centering stone is in fact refractory grade concrete stone mimicking natural stone such as you would find at a landscaping yard. The refractory concrete stone serves a very distinct purpose. When lava is extremely wet it tends to “swell up” with moisture and from time to time will “pop” not unlike popcorn.

Firepit stones
Tanktable for gas firepits

Tank table

Hide your propane tank with style.

Tanktable is a play on our Firecube 16. Adding a vented concrete lid to the cube creates a solution to unsightly propane tanks and the need for efficiency in small spaces. Made of smooth Solus concrete and detailed with the same rounded edges as the Firecube 16, Tank table is modern, handsome and understated.

* ( Currently only available in North America )

Fuel Burner Options & Starter Solutions

You can choose to buy a Solus fire pit with your choice of either a natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP) burner, certified for outdoor use in Canada the USA, the UK and Europe.  They can either be MLS ( manual lit system ) or electronic with auto adjustment.  Most fire pit models are also available with a Bio Ethanol burner           ( MLS). The type of fuel and burner choice for your gas fire pit can be dictated by many factors. Preference, availability, bylaws and location of your fire pit will influence this decision greatly.