Hemi Firebowl Firepit

Hemi – Refined sculptural presence

The Hemi Firebowl firepit is available in three sizes to suit any space.  These rounded fire pits add warmth, atmosphere and sculptural beauty to any outdoor space.

Our cross-jet gas burners and ethanol burners provide ample flames and heat and are built to last a lifetime. Three fuel types with manual or electronic start options allow these bowls to be used in all outdoor situations, both residential and commercial.

Hemi 26 firepit

Firebowl: Hemi 26

The Solus Firebowl Hemi 26 is an ideal fire bowl for smaller spaces that still want big heat and an adjustable heat.

Hemi 36 Firepit

Firebowl: Hemi 36

The Solus Firebowl Hemi 36 is the flagship of our fire pit line. A stunning focal point to any outdoor space, this fire pit is both substantial and restrained in design.

Fire pits for commercial and retail spaces

Firebowl: Hemi 48

The Hemi Firebowl 48 is a substantial, sophisticated and elegant fire feature. This is one of the world’s largest, pre-cast, ultra high-performance concrete fire pits.